Benefits of Drinking Tea

Drinking tea everyday or once in a while has its benefits. Drinking Tea keeps you warm, healthy, and strong. Fluorides found in tea are good for your bones, in fact drinking tea increase your bone density. Drinking tea after a meal also helps your arteries from stiffening and amino acids in tea make your blood less sticky which lowers heart disease and stroke.

There are four main types of tea but it all comes from one plant called Cami or Camellia Sinesis. First of is the White Tea which is the least processed tea therefore it has the least amount of caffeine and have the highest amount of antioxidants because there is no processing involve. Second is the Green Tea which is one of the oldest forms of consumable tea and certainly becoming famous right now. Third and fourth are Oolong Tea and Black Tea which also came from Cami and are processed just a little bit different.