Benefits of Mango

Delicious Mango benefits that you should know

Mango has been one of our favorite fruits. It’s rich in vitamins, is use to make different delicacies, and also has many medicinal benefits.

The seed inside the hairy core has astringent properties. Boil the inner seed in water and drink to cure dysentery, Menorrhagia, hemorrhages, and can be use like a laxative to eradicate intestinal worms. Juice of mango seed is applied to hemorrhoids because of its very effective way to stop bleeding.

The leaves can be prepared into tea. The young leaves can be powdered after drying to cure diarrhea and diabetes. Juice extracted from the leaves mixed with bark of castor oil plant and Lumin or Cummin seed can be use for cough, asthma, hiccup, and sore throat. Ash of burned leaves can be applied to scalds and burns by sprinkling ashes on affected areas to prevent scars. The boiled dried flower of mangoes is also good for diarrhea.

Leaves and bark can be boiled in water and used for mouthwash, gingivitis, toothache, sore gums and sore throat. Bark has medical importance to cure diphtheria and other throat diseases.

Green mangoes, because of its acidic and astringent, is cure for scurvy because of its rich vitamin C content. Green mangoes peel is good against excessive menstruation. Fry the peel in butter until crispy, eat as snack with sugar.

The “Dagta” can be used as dressing for cracked foot skin by mixing with lime juice. This can serve as ointment for scabies and other parasitic skin diseases. It can also be used for blistered mucous membrane of the mouth.