Benefits of Onion

What are the health advantages and benefits of eating onions?

Health benefits along with the tears, Onions are commonly used as an ingredient in various dishes. It makes the food tastier and your body healthier as well. This little bulb maybe disregarded by some people because of its pungent smell that makes those eyes cry but once you learn the health benefits of onion, you'll surely keep one in the kitchen.

Benefits of Onion Overview:

  • Onion for Scars
  • Onion for Acne
  • Onion for hair growth and strengthening
  • Reduces risk of heart attack, lowers cholesterol, and blood pressure - same as its cousins, Onion sulfur content helps prevents blood clots from forming.
  • Anti - Inflammatory - vitamin C, which is normally expected from vegetables and fruits, is also contained in onions. It's high Vitamin C contents act as powerful anti inflammatory agent that is good for pain or swelling of any body parts.
  • Onion Prevents Cancer - Flavonoids quercetin is useful in preventing cancer and reduces symptoms of cardiovascular disease and prevents formation of cancer causing compounds called heterocyclic amines.
  • Kills bacteria and fights fungus - helps neutralize Salmonella food poisoning.
  • Rich in Anthocyanins and Flavanols that control gastric ulcers which are harmful free radicals and even help stop the spread of H. pylori bacteria.

What are the health advantages and benefits of eating onions?

Onion is being used for thousand of years, until now it is still popular not only for culinary use but also for its therapeutic properties.

  • Eating onions helps lessen rheumatism as it encourages the elimination of uric acid.
  • Onion for scars cause by acne and Onion for hair. Its rich content of sulfur and other sulfur compounds makes it particularly suitable for strengthening hair and maintain healthier skin.
  • Onions prevents heart disease. Regular consumption of Onions will help lower high cholesterol and high blood pressure, which both reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke. These effects are due to its chromium and its vitamin B6.
  • Quercetin and other flavonoids in onions also help stop LDL cholesterol from oxidizing and blocking your arteries, has an anti-inflammatory effect and is often seen in natural allergy remedies, safeguard your stomach together with its other antioxidants properties that capture dangerous free radicals that can damage your cells and cause cancer.
  • Sulfur containing compounds in onions help lower your blood sugar levels and prevent blood clots by keeping the platelets in your blood from clumping together.

Related Benefits of Onion

Leeks, Shallots, Garlic, and Chives are types of onion that you can read about in separate articles here. In history, Onions were being used as currency by Egyptians to pay their workers who built the pyramids. They also placed them in the tombs of kings, such as Tutankhamen, believing that they could carry these gifts bestowed with spiritual significance afterlife.