Benefits of Physical Exercise

Benefits of Physical Exercise

Benefits of Physical Exercise that we should know

In the beginning of time, humans were already undertaking basic yet effective physical exercise. Hunting animals for food or travelling long distance to reach different places just by walking improve their overall health. Yet it was only in time and experience before human society link better health with exercise.

Importance of Physical Exercise

As time goes on, technology continually improves and with this comfort comes good and bad effects. We no longer need to travel long distance by walking as we have cars to use and fast food are just around the corner. Being obese and overweight is certainly one of the main problems of health that introduce cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and other health problems.

Fashion is also dictating how some people think sexy should look like. Being underweight with your skin already choking your skeletal system is not sexy and actually quite frightening for your health. Not eating properly just to fit in with the craze is what we simple call starvation that leads to death.

Habitual physical exercise together with proper diet can certainly help everyone achieve their body mass index goal. In recovering patients, physical therapist also use specific exercise for rehabilitation.

3 Generic Types of Physical Exercise

There are three general group of exercise you need to know about before doing any activity.

Aerobic Exercise is any activity that improves your cardiovascular and respiratory system. Examples of these exercises are quick walking, running, swimming, biking, playing basketball, Zumba, and other continuous training activity. These exercises are also used to help lose weight effectively while still eating properly rather than starvation.

Anaerobic Exercise gives us strength and muscle gains. If you are trying to tone your muscles and improve your overall strength then you can use these types of exercise. Basic examples are push-up and pull-up that improves your upper body and lunges that improves your lower body.

Flexibility Exercise provides us the stretching we need to improve our joint connection and to ease our muscles. Warm-up and cool-down are examples of this exercise. Not many beginners know the importance of this exercise that helps the body by reducing the chance of injury and provides faster recovery.

Aesthetic Benefits of Physical Exercise

You want it and most certainly everybody dreams of it. To have the beauty and godly body that everyone desires is certainly achievable by doing regular exercise program with proper diet.

Many people have already discovered how they can use exercise as a medium to get the body that they want. Be it as to having a career in modelling or just to be sexy and fit to improve one’s self esteem, all you need is the will to move.

Health Benefits and Medical Uses of Physical Exercise

The real centre of what exercise can give to you are its health benefits. Regular exercise helps strengthen the cardiovascular system that helps your heart and arteries to combat the bad foods that we love to eat. Muscles, joints, and flexibility will also improve and can assist on daily task and activities. Brain function will also get better as regular exercise improves oxygen and blood circulation flow to the brain.

Exercise can help burn the excess fats and calories that is not needed inside the body. Because of this, people who exercise regularly have the power to control and achieve the desired weight in time. Self Esteem will go up and depression will go down as having the desired look and slow aging will be attained.

The increased and boost energy that one’s get from exercise are invaluable. Being finally able to play with your kids and grandchildren are priceless and there will be nothing to finally stop you at doing the activities you always want to do.

What to Know if New to Physical Exercise?

There are certainly risks involved in anything you do and different individuals have different limits of doing an activity. It is important to know what is yours to avoid excessive exercise that may lead to injuries.

If new and especially on the late age, it is better to consult a doctor first to assess how fit your body is. You need to choose the right exercises at your first stage so your body can slowly adopt before taking on more serious activities.

Avoid Injuries at all cost. Always take time to do the warm-up and cool-down. It helps to seek a professional personal trainer during at early stage for guidance in your form and program. Don’t buy any dvd instructional program that is not custom fit for your body.

Drink small amounts of water frequently to replace loss liquids. It is easy to have heat exhaustion while jogging on a park that might lead to heat stroke.

The more the merrier. Having a partner with similar body size and goals can be helpful as you can encourage each other. If not, find other motivations to always remind you what your goals are.

Fast and Easy Exercise for Beginners

A lot of people have problems in finding time to do their exercise, mostly just excuses. For starters, one needs to only create opportunity such as walking up and down the stairs rather than using an elevator or walking from a certain distance such as walking from your place going to the office is also a simple way of exercise.

Nutrition and Recovery

Regular exercise works hand in hand with proper diet. Doing activities will burn calories and the best way to refuel the body is by eating healthy foods to provide the proper nutrition the body needs. Read why do we need a healthy diet here.

While exercise and proper diet is good, it is also important to have a proper rest to help with the recovery. It is advisable to have a regular 8 hours of sleep at the right time for the body to recuperate on its daily activities and to have the maximum benefit of exercise.