Benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamin C

One of the most common ailments in the whole world is the common cold. It is said that there is no medicine for cold but Vitamin C can help a lot to fight cold.

Cold is caused by a virus. There are about hundreds of stresses to this virus that’s why there is no vaccine up to now for colds. For this reason vitamin C helps increase our resistance against the cold virus.

How Vitamin C does fights colds? First is by interferon in our body. This cannot be manufactured in the laboratory. At present, interferon is the most expensive medicine for cancer because it is extracted from human blood.

Interferon is a fantastic nutrient created by our body cells to block the entrance of damage causing bacteria or to prevent its multiplication. To enable our body to manufacture substantial interferon, we need lots of vitamin C. This explains the importance of vitamin C in increasing body resistance against sicknesses.

Dr. Benjamin Segal, a research scientist of the University of Oregon health science and center considered interferon’s as the first line defense of our body. Even before our body can manufacture any antibodies or natural medicines against ailments, interferons can annihilate the origin of sickness. But the body must manufacture enough interferons and vitamin C plays an important role in enabling our body to do this

Our white blood cells compose the second line of defense. If vitamin c is vital to interferon in our first line of defense against sickness, it was discovered that vitamin c is also very important to our white blood cells. Our white blood cell serves us in fighting against infection. It stores vitamin c or ascorbic acid. However, scientist discovered that additional vitamin c gives stimulation to our Lymphocytes and Leukocytes blood cells to be more active and fight the ailment.

The third way in which Vitamin C fights cold is its capacity as anti histamine. This was clearly shown when vitamin c and histamine were mixed in a test tube. The two destroy each other.

The fourth way is the effect of the vitamin c on our adrenal gland which uses more vitamin c than any other parts of our body. Our adrenal glands manufacture hormones needed in time of stress, an allergy or viral infection which causes our adrenal gland to work strenuously and gets depleted of vitamin c.

Vitamin c is very important to our health and although it is said that there is no medicine for colds, here is vitamin c to block colds

Our body is maintained whole through cement called Collagen. This cannot be manufactured or maintained without vitamin c. When our bones or muscles are injured the collagen must instantly repair and replace the injury if tissues are to develop around the injury. This needs lot of ascorbic acid.

Vitamin c is also needed to detoxify poisons when lots of toxins enter our body. A stick of cigarettes, for example, is detoxified by 25 mg of vitamin c.

Whatever the emergency, vitamin c sends a rescue squad to block infection and hinder foreign substances.

Without vitamin c the body cannot manufacture collagen. Vitamin c deficiency causes the collagens to liquefy or soften. When this happens, our tissues and cartilages cannot support our body anymore.

Vitamin c deficiency is a great contributing factor towards rheumatism, hernia, hemorrhages, hardening of arteries and back problems.