Cardio Exercise Benefits

When everyone thinks about gaining or losing weight, they think about eating a lot or less of food to make things happen. Some even think about body building but that is mostly for shaping your body. Welcome to cardio exercise.

Advantages of Cardio Exercise:

  • has different varieties to choose from
  • applicable to those who want to either gain weight or lose weight properly
  • helps your cardiovascular system
  • can eliminate fats that you don’t want

Kinds of Cardio Exercise

Cardio Workout has different branches and category to choose from so you will never get bored trying new things and here are some:

Taking a Long Walks is considered a cardio exercise. In fact this is the most simple and easiest way to start because you won’t need to pay anything. Just have a long walk in the park going to your workplace and back to your house if you can and don’t forget your sun block.

Running Short and Long Distances. You can either use a treadmill or still have some fresh air outside so time to level up from walking to running.

Zumba has been popular lately and it does a great way of letting you feel you can do a lot of things in your cardio workout. Select the beat and instructor and we are good to go.

Kickboxing is one of my favorite. Not only it helps me maintain my weight but also teaches me on how to defend myself.

There are a lot more cardio exercise out there and I’m sure more will be popping out to cater different generations.

Disadvantage of Cardio Exercise

Overdoing things just like cardio exercise can lead to sickness and you may overheat yourself without proper hydration. Be sure to only burn the calories you want to burn and always rehydrate by drinking lots of water