Corn Benefits

Corn for fiber and what more?

Corn is considered a staple food in other countries and numerous indigenous tribes. You may even think about Corn as for fiber benefits but it has several therapeutic values.

Not known to many people, one of the most important components of Corn which we do not eat is Corn Silk. It is a stimulant for urinary secretion and also used for antiseptic, plaster for external ulcers, swelling and rheumatism. It is widely used in the USA, Europe, France, New Guinea, India, Greece, and Spain to cure Genitourinary diseases.

Boiled Corn Silk, Corn Leaves and Corn Roots in water are officially used as a solution to cure urinary problems. It is also used to cure Edema, nephritis, urinary difficulties, jaundice, hypertension, diabetes, hepatitis, Beriberi, and Hematemesis or blood vomiting.

Besides this, Corn Cob was discovered to contain polysaccharide which is a simple sugar that helps according to laboratory experiment to reduce tumor size, about 90gm to 150gm of Corn Cob in water for a daily dose.