Ways to Soften Ear Wax Quickly

Ways to Soften Ear Wax Quickly

Some Tips to Soften Ear Wax

If ear wax is causing you problems, you can deal with it by applying an ear wax softener, which comes in certain household liquids or prescription drops that help to soften ear wax.

Excessive ear wax causes pain and deafness in many people, especially in adults who often wear hearing aids or earphones, in children and in anyone else whose ear wax have hardened and failed to come out. That doesn’t make the ear self-cleaning at all.

How to Soften Ear Wax

Use a medicine dropper or plastic syringe and fill it with warm olive or mineral oil, hydrogen peroxide, sodium bicarbonate or glycerin. Apply two to three drops to the affected ear, with your ear tilted upward. Leave for five minutes, and then place a cloth over the ear and turn down to let the liquid drip out.

To clean out the ear wax in the outer ear, use cotton swabs. but don’t dig into the ear canal. Apply two times a day for several days.

If the fluids don’t work, purchase ear wax softener over the counter. Make sure to read the instructions, as some drops are stronger and can cause skin irritations.

If the wax still doesn’t come out on its own, it’s time to pay your doctor or ENT (ears, nose and throat) physician a visit. They may use a vacuum device or any special instrument to remove the wax or else prescribe you certain ear wax softener drops that you haven’t tried yet and are safe for your condition.

The methods for softening ear wax also work with children, but it would not be good to wait for the ear wax to fall out while they complain of discomfort. Have your child take a warm shower, direct the warm water into their ears, and then tilt their head to drain the wax.