Eating on Time

It always helps to eat your meals at regular intervals: Breakfast in the morning, lunch at midday, supper at evening time, and snacks. Knowing when to eat can spell the difference in your health, so it is necessary to eat at times when your body needs it. Eat your meals at the time when your body’s energy would be used to replace the nutrients and energy that have been used up.

Eating on time does not only help supply nutrients and energy which your body needs. It helps sustain and maintain them to protect your body against certain illness and diseases, reason why eating on time can affect your over-all health. Also, whenever you are hungry, eat, as this is the natural way that your body is telling you it needs energy or nutrients.

It is also advisable that you should eat after an exercise session. Exercise is a great time to consume energy, a time when your body is at its most active state, when metabolism is elevated. Exercise provides the need for extra nutrition. Eating after exercise can help replace the energy used during exercise. It also helps your body to recover from strenuous physical activity.