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Introduction to the game of double eleven in 2019

Release Time:2019-12-25

[tmall: buy better, buy less]

On the day of double 11, the official flagship store of tmall global, with 200000 brands, will collectively launch the largest discount in history, and the maximum number of interest free periods of Huabei installment will reach 24, saving users at least 50 billion.

Secondly, Tmall double eleven will also introduce the "old for new" and "free door-to-door" service. 40000 kinds of household appliances and digital products will be involved in it, through Tmall, salted fish, Alipay, flower chant linkage.

In addition, tmall flagship store launched version 2.0, helping 10000 brands to accelerate the digital upgrade. Through this version, you will get fans, run consumers, manage digital brands and assets directly. The brand can directly produce content and goods through the platform level consumer portrait provided by tmall.

[JD: three strategies and nine layouts]

On this year's double 11, JD will create a super shopping feast, supply chain integration and innovation, and sink emerging markets. The layout will be carried out at the 9 levels of 5g, life service, dashisha, national interaction, Haidun global, plus members, new products, pre-sale and Jingxi app.

As a weapon for Jingdong to break into the sinking market, "Jingxi", a social e-commerce company of Jingdong, will provide hundreds of millions of "one yuan hot money" commodities. In the next five years, Jingxi will provide professional social e-commerce platform for more than 1 million merchants nationwide, and build an efficient retail system for 100000 manufacturing and modeling enterprises nationwide.

[pinduoduo: continuously subsidize users]

Before, Alibaba, Jingdong and Suning e-commerce held a double 11 press conference, but this time pinduoduo was very low-key. Although pinduoduo has not released this double 11 campaign, according to its consistent subsidy strategy, it is likely to launch a wave of the most powerful subsidy attack during the double 11.

Although pinduoduo has achieved rapid growth in recent years, there is still a big gap compared with the volumes of Jingdong and Taobao. In addition, in terms of commodity types, profits, pinduoduo is still in the downwind. This double 11 is likely to be an important period for pinduoduo to work hard. After all, it will also determine whether its financial performance in Q4 can win the trust of investors again.

[Suning: using "Scene retail" to achieve differentiation strategy]

Suning will create a "one hour scene life circle" for this year's double 11, hoping to solve all the scene pain points of consumer life within one hour. At the same time, Suning will deliver the whole category in 1 km and 30 minutes.

Secondly, Suning also released the 1-hour scene life circle landing product "at any time". For the "at any time" products, Suning joint manufacturers launched a 10 billion subsidy plan. Through the coverage of 300 urban communities and the layout of more than 10000 stores and front warehouses, Suning's instant delivery scope will be expanded to multiple categories such as mother and baby, fresh food, mobile phone digital, and achieve 1 km and 30 minutes delivery.

In addition, Suning has also launched the whole scene dividing bonus package and WanDian payment reduction method. Users can get upgrade red packets and prize codes with each click, punch in and purchase.

Double 11 is coming.jpg

[vipshop: open 2-hour limited subsidy]

This time, vipshop focuses on the strategy of "no routine", which directly shows the low price of goods. "Clothing" category will be the focus of this year's vipshop. At the same time, on November 10, vipshop will open a 2-hour limited subsidy for the price of the big brands of 11 brands. With thousands of brands, direct discounts and subsidies are offered to exempt consumers from the complicated shopping process.

Although the focus and focus of each platform are different, which leads to the difference of the promotion policies of each platform, it is worth noting that the major e-commerce platforms have sunk into the market and made efforts to obtain new traffic and users with the help of the promotion nodes of the double 11. At present, the double 11 e-commerce war is not only the competition between Alibaba and Jingdong, but also a competition situation with Alibaba as the core, Jingdong, Suning e-commerce and pinduoduo as the representatives. Under the background of the continuous expansion of players, there must be more potential platforms to enter the Bureau in the future, and we are looking forward to another sales success in this year's double 11!

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