Erectile Dysfunction Problems

Can I have a baby with Low Testosterone

What does Erectile Dysfunction mean? What are the things happening to a guy if they’re starting to have Erectile Dysfunction and beginning to feel they’re low on sexual drive? Erectile Dysfunction is one thing that men don’t talk about too much. It’s still a main issue right now and there are some men just unfortunately somewhat have low on sexual drive which means they have low testosterone level that may cause Erectile Dysfunction. But guys, don’t worry as this is normal to happen.

First and foremost, testosterone are not just for sex and for Erectile Dysfunction, it’s important for a lot of things like bone construction, libido and muscle mass. Although at the age of 30, men testosterone level starts to decline for about 10% every ten years.

By the age of 60, guys’ testosterone level dips to its lowest state. But there are some people having low on testosterone levels still have high libido and they still can have a baby even though their old, it’s just the response of men to their testosterone level and some are just fortunate. Even though in 60’s, they’re still living strong with less testosterone level. So maybe it’s in their lifestyle, they take care of themselves; eat healthy foods, and healthy living. So that’s how other counter low testosterone level naturally.

Erectile Dysfunction Cause

What are the reasons that men have low testosterone level? Is this inborn, on what they eat, or lifestyle?

  • Number 1 is aging. As guys grow older, it’s just natural to loose certain cells that produce testosterone.
  • Infection in testis and needs to be removed. Of course if you remove the testis for whatever reason like infection, you’ll expect that your testosterone level will decline.
  • Trauma. When you get kick right there or cause by sport like skateboarding.
  • Stress. Low sex drive sometimes means stress. It may relate to problems at your family and interest of some other things rather than sex.
  • Another main cause of Erectile Dysfunction is diabetes. The longer you have it; it will start destroying the penal tissue integrity inside. So if you have diabetes let it be check by doctor.

Symptoms of low Testosterone Level

  • Low on sexual drive, no libido, and no interest in sex
  • Can’t maintain an erection
  • Erectile Dysfunction. Penis needs testosterone to maintain tissue integrity
  • Mood swings. Starting to get snobbish and easily get irritated on things.
  • Having osteoporotic and losing muscle mass

How to know the correct testosterone level?

The right way is in lab test. Don’t worry if you have low testosterone levels as doctors can now replace them as long as you don’t have a prostate cancer. Let your doctor check your testosterone level if they can find any problems and they’ll be the one who’ll decide if you need a testosterone replacement.

What if your 60 years old or over? Would that matter? Yes, this cure is just not for sex. Testosterones are needed in a lot of things so that you can function properly, make you more alive and make you more alert.

Erectile Dysfunction Remedies

Are there any food we can eat, vitamins we can take, and things we can do to prevent low testosterone level and Erectile Dysfunction? These are things you can’t just do and answer by yourself. You can’t just buy things there and here in the internet because they say it can cure you. You need a doctor for these things to help you. Don’t be afraid, there’s injectable and oral tablets that doctor can offer to maintain testosterone at a good level.

There are certain things we need to accept when we get older and that’s accepting aging. If you want the more natural way to dealing with Erectile Dysfunction then have a healthy life style, healthy living, and healthy eating, do exercise, and see your doctor regularly.