Fitness and Diet

Fitness and diet go hand-in-hand in achieving optimum health. Fitness is a result of proper nutrition, which in turn is a result of proper dieting and making the right food choices. Nutrition provides our body with the essential nutrients for body fitness. Fitness requires regular exercise and daily activity to make use of the nutrients to support our body’s organs and functions. A good fitness program can support our healthy eating diet plans for our body’s benefit.


People who hate exercise do not do it out of laziness. They did not hate it because they refuse to move a single muscle of their body. They hate exercise because they fail to realize and enjoy the benefits a good exercise can bring. What’s more, they consider it an utter waste of time. It is obvious they do not love to sweat.

Do you hate exercise?

More and more people are becoming less physically active during their daily routine due to the existences of some convenience: the use of cars, escalators and elevators, TV and Internet, machinery that saves energy and labor, among others. It is no wonders why more and more people are dying from certain illnesses and diseases, not to mention physical inactivity. People today have no regards for healthy living.

Why exercise is important?

Exercise helps to correct the energy imbalance in your body. People who do not exercise but do eat a lot, have such imbalance. Food is more plentiful, thus making it difficult to keep the energy balance required. Food intake (energy input) becomes greater than energy output (activity) when you eat more then you need or use. This results to the excess of energy. With excess energy, there is weight gain – and the possible risk of developing chronic, obesity-related diseases in the future.

Exercise corrects the energy imbalance to ensure we stay fit and healthy. Through exercise, we increase the rate at which our body uses energy and burns up fat (or stored energy), leading to weight loss. Exercises come great with healthy balanced diets. It is important that we maintain an effective level of physical activity.

Exercise or any physical activity does not only help decrease the amount of fat our bodies are carrying. It also helps promote overall fitness and improves the function of our heart and lungs. Exercise helps fight against cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases, and other diseases related to obesity. Exercise is indeed a life-saver, not a great time-waste?

Physical and Mental Wellness

Physical health and mental health are both important. They are so related that one cannot function well without the other. What is good for one is also good for the other. Proper nutrition, proper exercise, quality sleep, and healthy lifestyle are effective steps in maintaining physical wellness, but they also correlate to mental wellness. Steps that help maintain mental health include attending to spiritual needs, getting involved socially, connecting with people, music, rest and relaxation, and meditation. All the steps that we take to maintain good health can affect not only the functions of our body organs, but also the cognitive function of our brain.

Intro of Types of Exercise

There are two important types of exercise. Each type possesses its own benefits.

  1. Resistance training – This type of exercise aims to maintain and increase muscle mass. It can be performed with weights, resistance bands, or your own body weight. Resistance training:

    • Improves muscle flexibility and strength.
    • Allows you to work out each of your muscle group separately.
    • Gives you easier movement.
    • Shorten and strengthen your flabby muscles.
  2. Aerobic exercise – This type of exercise aims to make your heart and lungs work harder and to increase your metabolic rate. Examples of such exercise include cycling, dancing, running, swimming, and walking. Aerobic exercise:

    • Improves muscle tone.
    • Improves the functions of your cardiovascular system (heart, lungs).
    • Promotes weight loss.
    • Increases your level of fitness.
    • Work the large muscles in your arms, legs, and trunks.


Working out at gyms can provide your body maximum benefits. Exercising at gyms can help you keep track the progress of your health regimen and test the effectiveness of your balanced diet plans. What’s more, doing your work-outs at gyms can help you make new friends who can help you on your work-outs too. It is considered healthy to work out with friends. At gyms, you are truly motivated to exercise for proper heath.

If you are going to work out at gyms, remember the details of your training program. Work out to reach your goals, whether you would want to lose or gain weight or to build muscles.