Happiness and Blooming

Happiness is a key to good health. It is now one of the most important factors in determining health. Different studies had been conducted to establish the relationship between happiness and good health. It has been demonstrated numerous times that happy people are more likely to live longer and enjoy better health than their unhappy counterparts.

Happy people are seen to be more optimistic about life, which adds to them enjoying a healthy mentality. Aside from enjoying a longer life span, happy people also develop a strong immune system and powerful resistance against certain health problems, most especially heart disease and colds. If ever they fall sick or experience health problems, they tend to report fewer symptoms. Happiness and other positive emotions do enhance health.

Happiness is coupled with optimism, positive attitude, good relationships with people, and enjoyment of regular activities, and many happy people carry them out. One important thing that makes up happiness is life satisfaction. Happy people are satisfied with life, providing a major boost to their health.

Stay happy always to enjoy good health.