Uses of Olive Oil and its Benefits

Uses of Olive Oil and its Benefits

Top Olive Oil Uses

Olive Oil has been known way back in early BC and been used by populace in many different ways such as for cooking, cosmetics, fuel for lamps, and many more.

Olive Oil for Skin

Even today, this oil are used for skin and facial moisturizer to resole dry skin. It can be used as an alternative makeup remover and prevent wrinkles as a moisturizer but it still advisable you drink lots of water and don't stay out too much under the sun.

Olive Oil is also one of the main ingredients used in some body lotion, body wash, and massage oil as it soothes skin and applying evenly but not too much will not clog your pores.

Olive Oil for Hair

It takes a lot of work and effort to keep your hair healthy and lively. Using olive oil as a moisturizer for your hair can be an excellent conditioner that controls your frizzy hair, add softness, and treats damage dry hair.

Olive Oil Benefits for Health

Olive Oil lowers cholesterol intake. Studies have shown that it offers protection against heart disease by controlling LDL ("bad") cholesterol levels while raising HDL ("good" cholesterol) levels. Medical studies also found out that people on high blood pressure medications may be able to reduce the amount of medicine they take if they substitute extra-virgin olive oil for other types of fats in their diet.