Vitamin B5 Pantothenic Acid

Pantothenic Acid

Vitamin B5 is essential to our adrenal glands while hormones help strengthen us against stress and shock. This quality earned for vitamin B5 the title “anti stress vitamin”

Found in all living cells of animal and plants, even bacteria have Vitamin B5. The word pantothenic acid is derived from the Greek word “Phantos” which means universal. This is one of the two vitamins created by our body aside from its presence in foods. The other one is vitamin D which is manufactured by the sun rays using the cholesterol from our skin.

Deficiency results in too low blood pressure, sickness of stomach and intestines, respiratory infection, allergy, easily tires, easily faints, hard of breathing, insomnia, rheumatism, nervous tension, depression and early aging.

Vitamin B5 is as excellent for rheumatism as drugs like cortisone and act but without the side effects of the latter. It is a strong anti histamine without side effects.

Almost all foods contain vitamin B5 although in very small quantity only and very easily destroyed by processing in factories.

Pasteurization destroys vitamin B5 in milk. It is not replaced in baby foods and formula and could be one of the reasons why many children are allergic sometimes and also asthma because of the absence of B5 in processed milk

Vitamin B5 is also water soluble. It maintains our normal growth development of central nervous system and very essential for proper functions of our adrenal glands. It is also needed in the conversion of fats and sugar to energy.

Moreover, vitamin B5 is also needed in the synthesis of our natural antibodies to fight against sicknesses. It is synthesized in our body through intestinal bacteria.

B5 helps quicken healing of wounds. It fights infection by strengthening our antibodies. It blocks fatigue, and reduces the toxic effect of many antibiotics.

B5 deficiency can result in hypoglycemia (extremely low blood sugar), duodenal ulcer and blooded skin disorder.

Enemies of B5 are food processing techniques like canning, caffeine, sleeping pills, estrogen, and alcoholic drinks

Frequent tingling sensation of hands and feet requires more B5 in combination with other B vitamins. Daily dosage of B5 vitamin is said to be effective to reduced pain of rheumatism in many cases.

If allergy of any sort is experienced, it can be cured through vitamin B5 and vitamin C. Best vitamin sources of Pantothenic acid are meat, whole grain, wheat germs, bran, kidney, liver, heart, green vegetables, brewer’s yeast, nuts, chicken and crude mousses.