What is Antioxidant

Is Antioxidants good or bad for our health?

Simply say, Antioxidants are nutrients which help us fight damaging free radicals in our body. For more antioxidant information just continue reading below but if you need a more detailed scientific explanation read antioxidant wiki.

As said earlier, Free Radicals can slowly tear down our body and can be compared to rust in metal. And that’s where antioxidant comes in handy; we need antioxidants to fight the free radicals in our body.

How do you get Free Radicals? Are free radicals found in the food that we eat or we get them in our environment? There are lots of reasons free radicals form in our body; it could be exposure in different chemicals or even air pollution. When we breathe and eat, it’s sure there are free radicals forming in our body. One great source of free radicals that we should avoid is stress.

Are Free Radicals bad? Not as you think. The truth is we need to balance both antioxidants and free radicals. Let us not look free radicals in a bad way since there are free radicals that can help our body in some way. More importantly, not all antioxidant are good for our health and if we get too much of these antioxidants, they produce free radicals. So remember that we need to balance both of them.

Antioxidants benefits inside our body?

One of the reasons antioxidants suddenly become famous is that they’re believe to make you look younger, anti aging for antioxidants. Some other reasons are that they help fight problems on certain cancers, heart disease, arthritis, and stress.

What is ORAC? It is said that you’ll find how good the antioxidant is by ORAC. ORAC - Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity has become the current industry standard for assessing antioxidant strength of whole foods, juices, and food activities.

How much antioxidant a day? So how we will know if we’re taking enough antioxidants? Simple as it is, the answer is by eating the right healthy foods and the best source of antioxidants right now are berries, consider the Acai Berry.

Antioxidants Food Source

Although there are a lot of food supplements being commercialize right now, take note we shouldn’t consider the supplements to be the cure of all things but rather an addition to what healthy foods we should eat.

Is it dangerous taking too much supplements? Yes, too much dosing is bad. Let’s remember that if we lack nutrients then it can be bad but if you’re over dosing with supplements it can go worst. Even too much Vitamins can be bad in the liver. We found that people taking these supplements are not consulting their doctor and thinking it’s all natural so they end up taking many supplements plus medicines that are recommended by their doctors.

With these, let’s remember that it’s still important to consult our doctor regularly whether if we want to know more about these supplements we’re planning to take to get more antioxidants.