Why Diet Does Not Mean Starvation

Diet doesn’t mean starvation but it is about maintaining proper health

To lose weight, we are told to eat less. However, we should not push ourselves to the extreme, to the extent of starvation. We should not force ourselves to starve for the sake of appearance or beauty. Diet is not about starving one’s self when it comes to food. Diet and starvation are two different things.

In nutrition, diet is the sum of food taken or consumed by an individual for health or weight management reasons. Starvation, on the other hand, is the severe food restriction with very low nutrient and calorie intake. You maintain a particular diet to maintain your health or weight. By starving, you are killing your health. Let it be known that diet is not about getting the prettiest figure; it is about maintaining proper health.

When it comes to balance your food intake with to maintain your health or weight, you should have healthy diet plans in hand. Plan ahead balanced diets to stay healthy as you go to attain your desired body figure. Planning your diet is one step for a healthy living.