Zinc as found in galvanized sheets is also an important mineral and in charge of proper functional flow of our body processes, maintains our enzyme systems and cells. It is also vital for protein synthesis.

It is directly involved in muscle contraction and helps in the manufacture of insulin. Zinc is important in maintaining blood stability and acid alkaline balance of our body. It also normalizes our prostate gland where the seminal fluid is manufactured.

Zinc is vital in the development of all reproductive organs. Modern studies suggest the importance of zinc in our brain function and to cure schizophrenia (mental illness and derangement). There is also strong evidence that zinc is needed for synthesis of our DNA.

Excessive sweating can cause loss of zinc up to 3mg daily. Recommended daily allowance is 50mg.

Zinc in food is lost during processing or cooking. Zinc hastens healing of wounds internally and externally, it removes fingernails white spots.

Zinc removes flat taste in our taste buds, cures infertility, helps removes prostate gland problem, promotes growth and mental alertness, it also helps remove cholesterol deposit and helps cure mental disorders.

Zinc deficiency can cause enlargement of prostate gland (found only in males) which in turns clog up the urinary bladder and results in scanty and intermittent urination. This is especially true in ageing men.

Best natural sources are pork loin, cow’s meant, lamb chops, wheat germ, brewers’ yeast, squash seeds, egg, nonfat or skinned milk and ground mustard.

More zinc is needed if taking massive amount of vitamin B6. This is also true if a person is alcoholic or diabetic.

Men with prostate problem should take additional zinc. There are impotence cases cured through vitamin b6 supplement and zinc

Middle aged persons who fear salinity must take zinc supplement with manganese. Women with irregular men’s should try zinc supplement before resorting to hormone treatment because it helps regulate menstruation. Additional zinc should be complemented with additional vitamin A since zinc work better with vitamin A, Calcium, and phosphorous.